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Expertise in Enterprise Messaging Systems covering…

  • E-Mail
  • Calendaring
  • File Sharing & Document Management

Services Offered…


GAP provides all aspects of support ranging from full out-sourcing through to second and third line technical support. Our Support Centre delivers remote support and co-ordinates on-site project activities.


GAP is experienced in helping clients migrate from the existing HP messaging environments to Exchange, Notes or other mail systems.


Mail systems and the backbones on which they rely, are a major part of most companies’ business infrastructure. GAP provides the specialist skills to install, configure, modify, integrate and maintain business critical messaging systems.


Our relationships with HP and Oracle ensures that we have all the latest technical information at our disposal so we can provide you with the most up to date solutions. Our knowledge of the HP back-catalogue and contracts with refurbishers also ensure that any older kit can be enhanced or replaced as required.


GAP can provide a set of services to review both existing and future licence requirements.


for an organisation’s enterprise messaging system to assist in maximizing their investment.