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Oracle on OpenVMS


A range of support and consultancy services designed to combine GAP's OpenVMS expertise with the necessary Oracle skills. Providing a one stop shop for Oracle on OpenVMS, the services also apply to Oracle as a standalone product.

Health Check

An initial brief look at the system to ascertain its general state of health so that if necessary appropriate remedial measures can be taken.

Tuning Survey

A concise survey of the static elements most frequently affecting performance. The survey is based on a snapshot of the system parameters and performance.

Advanced Tuning Audit

A full performance review using information gathered over a period of time. This gains a complete picture of the system using advanced monitoring tools.


A range of support options where GAP either provides second line support to your existing in-house Oracle and OpenVMS support staff or where Oracle support is outsourced to GAP. Run from our Remote Support Centre near Woking in Surrey, these services are tailored to meet individual requirements.

Hardware & Software

Whether you are building an entirely new system from scratch or enhancing an existing hardware configuration, GAP can provide you with the optimum solution. Our relationships with HP ensure that we have all the latest technical information at our disposal so we can provide you with the most up to date solutions. Our knowledge of the HP back catalogue and contacts with refurbishers also ensure that any older kit can be enhanced or replaced as required.